Saturday, February 19, 2011

Why Albert Pujols's must choose or it'll be a long summer in St. Louis

Welcome to Sports Purgatory Gentleman! (and Ladies...? Maybe...? No...? Alrighty then.)
  Now that winter appears to have left us, the Super Bowl is over, and the NBA finds it's self in mid-season... There's actually not a whole lot to write about. Unless you'd like to discuss the NFL CBA for roughly the millionth time (hint: Adam Schefter is less than optimistic, in case you haven't herd).  Maybe some Puljols talk will get things going. No one is talking about that either, right?
Well, since this blog is probably going to end up beating the dead horse anyway.  Might as well start now, huh?
  Since the deadline has passed Albert no longer wants to talk contract a extension that would keep him with the team he has remained with since he was drafted in 1999.  The separation point between the two sides is approximated to be roughly $75 Million. Yeah, million.  Thanks to A-Rod's ludicrous contact we now need to deal with $100 Million contracts.  I know it's hard to hate Alex Rodreguiz more, but he just makes it so damn easy.
  The big reason why Albert doesn't want to continue talks during the season is because he is fearful it will affect his performance.  On the surface, this seems like a good idea.  Especially considering the nature of Baseball as a sport.  It's more of a metal game than a physical one. So for Albert to want to eliminate distractions is a good move. However, what seems to be lacking from Albert (and his agents, Dan Lozano's) thought process is that the baseball season is a grind, not just on the players, but on the media. There's not a whole lot to talk about, especially if this season goes south for St. Louis, who is a long shot for a World Series title, he could end up causing more of a distraction than he anticipates.  Eventually the local media is going to ask about the contract and that's a great way to throw your slugging % into the tubes, in a contract year.
That is why I am willing to bet something (any ideas?) that a decision will be reached (either way, leave or re-sign) some time before the All Star Brake.  Book it everyone...

Since comments are disabled right now, Tell us what you think on my twitter. It can be about the Pujols situation.  It can be NFL CBA talk.  You can tell me who would win in a fight between Beowulf and a Ninja, whatever it is you want actually and  I'll read them, and respond or your money back.  Since this is a free website to view I feel very confident I can make that happen.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ASG Brake Report - Tim Mcnamara

Tim Mcnamara will be contributing some depth to the blog with his insight and passion into the NBA.
This is his first contribution to IR Sports

As the fans prepare for All-Star festivities and we receive another slate of mediocre dunkers with the usual M.I.A.’s (yes I’m talking to you LeBron), we look back at the first half of the season.
We begin in the East. A powerful Celtics squad takes the top of the table, with the Heat, Bulls, and Magic following closely behind. You look at the Celtics and you see experience, but how will those legs hold up come May and June? 
Next, you have the “Heatles.” We see glimpses of greatness with the “big three” but they are still only 1-6 against the premier teams in the league. They are followed by the Bulls lead by M.V.P. candidate Derrick Rose, but who will step up with the combined absences of Jokim Noah and Carlos Boozer? 
To rap of the top tier of team in the East is the Orlando Magic. 
They are desperate to find continuity, and while they did overcome a beat-up Los Angeles team the other night, they had lost to seven winning team prior to that. (let's hit on the fact that the Lakers went on to get blow out in Charlotte the night after)
Where do I even begin in the West? The Spurs are the leaders of the pack with an awfully impressive rebuilding job by Popovich.  To the surprise of just about every fan, there veterans Ginobili, Parker, and Duncan have lead the Spurs to a league best, 46 wins.  
Number two in the west would have to be the Dallas Mavericks. They have the chance to make a play-off push but it may come down to a key trade after suffering injuries to star players such as Caron Butler.  Speaking of Butler, the Mavs are interested in a trade with Charlotte for Stephen Jackson.  That being said, 
when asked Mavs guard Jason Terry said they were feeling confident with their current squad and he didn’t see a need for change.   Cuban is a man who wants to win, and he will pull every string to make that happen. Right behind the Mavs are the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers, another team that is looking to wheel and deal.  
This might be a good time to mention the Melo rumors.  No one is certain, but the latest deal had him linked to the Nicks in a multi-player deal, including former All-Star guard Chauncey Billups.  The final team on my list of top four for the west is the Oklahoma City Thunder. This is a team that is carried by possibly the best duo the league has to offer, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. KD leads the league in 30 point games, and when he hits 30 his team is a solid 18-4.  The Thunder will look to make an improvement in the defense and rebounding categories.
All this leads to an exciting second half of the season in the Association.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hype, CBA's, Teases, and a New Addition

Spring is upon us!

Somewhere in the mist of all of the sappy "lovey-dovey" commercials, some of us (ya know, the the ones who don't have girlfriends, and therefor, have the time to write a blog no one reads) are looking forward to spring.  Pitcher's and Catchers (or if you're a Phil's fan, Aces, Chooches, and Blantons) reported yesterday.  This means that baseball fans all over the country will begin taking over/under bets on how many games until the Pirates are mathematically eliminated (Still waiting on the official Vegas line on that one, any bets?), Jib Jab about Albert Pujols.  Baseball season is a glorious grind, and Intentional Roughness will be there to make fun of it.
As we go along you all will realize I have a bias towards covering the Philadelphia teams (especially the Phills).  This should be good because it's not like the media recognizes them enough.  What's another blog in the already bustling media parade?  What should be striking baseball fans is how these guys react to the hype. None of them are "media-struck" and appear to be focused on wins and losses.  That's refreshing after the insane media hype machine we have to suffer from.  These guys are here to win which is awesome for a fan to see
Speaking of things that are wayyyyy too over-covered.  Let's talk NFL CBA.  Because, again, no one else is.  This will be a mostly CBA free blog. I'm not going to get wrapped up in the cuckoo coverage (new slogan?) that we all see/hear on ESPN.  I don't know how much more of this I can stand.  Football fans have about half a law degree just trying to decipher the rapid fire tweets for Adam Schefter.  We here (yeah, it's we now. More on that later on). If something of substance happens (March 3rd or whenever there is a deal done) we will talk about it.  Just know that I support the players and am against an 18 game schedule.  March 3rd, we'll get into this thing, like Ray J does fake celebrities(Boom! First Tease).

I'll also admit I'm not a huge NBA guy, and I'd hate to leave this blog hanging as far as NBA coverage goes. That's why I'm bringing on Tim McNamara to do a weekly NBA wrap-up story (or something like that).  Follow him on twitter, read his stuff, and laugh at his jokes (I'll hear you though the interwebs, I promise)

Good to come back for another post. Look for more in the coming future.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

new o.t rules

let me explain the NFL it rules real quick.

we still start with a coin toss to
decide the first possession

if the team that wins the toss (and takes the ball) scores a touchdown. game, set, match, they win.

if they only score a field goal (3 points) the other team gets the ball.
If that other team scores a touchdown (6 points) they win. if they only score a field goal, the first team gets the ball and then it's sudden death (next to to score any points wins.)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Poinsettia Bowl/Navy Class of 2010 wrap up

We here (and by we I mean I) are huge Navy fans.  I'm from Annapolis originally and I've gone to all the home games this year and in years past.  I know and love this 2010 team.

Tonight is the final time this team is together. And it's the final game for a senior class that has a special place in any Navy fan's heart. QB Ricky Dobbs, SS Whatt Middleton, FB Vince Murray, and Jabaree Tuani. Just to name a few of the key players.

The reason why this class is so well regarded is because they won.  They have won like no other class has in recent Navy Football history and they have done it with class.

But enough with the brown-nosing on my end. This has been a very frustrating game to watch as a Navy fan.  That is mostly because it's been the same tune, different song so far.  Navy has always has a tough time stopping teams, especially though the air.  I don't know if  it's an athletic problem or a scheme problem but that has been the biggest problem for the Midshipmen.  The other problem lies with the size of their lineman on defense (and to a lesser extent, offense). The Naval Academy has a weight limit which hinders their ability to recruit those Beef O' Brady Boys to play Noseguard. The 4 yr. service commitment also doesn't help much.  It has shown out in Whale Vagina (Internet points to you guys who get the reference) tonight.  When Ryan Lindley wasn't throwing bombs to a wide open Vincent Brown it was an over powering line blocking for Ronnie Hillman.

Despite all of this, Ricky Dobbs had an awesome final game throwing the ball. One of the best I've seen him have in a while.  Greg Jones 
came up clutch when he had to which is what he's done all year. It just wasn't enough.

TBH- This is hard for me to write.  I wish I could see these guys on the field next year. But I can't. But that is part of the beauty of being 
a Navy fan. These men are not just graduating. They are going on to serve our country. So this is my thank you to the class of 2010 for 
the amazing years of memories and services.

Friday, December 3, 2010

TBH- Cleveland did a good Job, I wouldn't want to be AI

Nawh, seriously.
Now that Return of the Hated King is over and done with I think something needs to be said to Cleveland.  Thank you. Thanks for not allowing some idiot to run out onto the court and do something embarrassing like, oh, I don't know, run on the court at the very end of the game. I hear a lot of people telling Cleveland to "get over it" and "let it go".  Who's to say they haven't? Yeah, they booed him and made signs making fun of him. Honestly, any hard-core sports city would.  He made of mockery of them on national TV. Of course Cleveland is "less than fond of Lebron", who wouldn't be.  I think Cleveland did a pretty good job handling the whole thing

Allen Iverson has his own E-bay shop.  This is bad ladies and gents, real bad. First he blows his last chance at playing NBA ball with the Sixers, then he goes bonk, bonk, bonk in Turkey (can anyone tell me why he didn't go to China? He'd be the tallest guy there) and now you can buy things like his coveted Denver Nuggets armbands. Sorry, no photos of him and Larry Brown are up yet but I'm sure he has plenty of them he'd be willing to part with. (and vice virsa)  In all seriousness, this might be one of the saddest things I've seen as a still young sports fan. It just sucks to watch Allen Iverson, someone who was so talented and yet so unorthodox in his play, go down in flames.  I hope his story has a happier ending then what it appears to headed to.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

NFL Notes: Eagles Giants game wrap up

Eagles v Giants:
This has been a crazy game. I can't do game re-cap right now (you can go to ESPN for all that) but I will give comments on what I see.  And what I saw was an amazing game.  Here's a few of my notes:
-The Eagles had some bright moments (Mike Vick's TD run early, Shady McCoy's awesome night) and some not so bright ones. (Jason Avant, I'm kinda lookin' at you. Don't you go anywhere either Samuel, your performance was lest than perfect too.) Very up and down game
- The Giants shot themselves in the foot.  Fumbles, penalties, lack of field awareness. They showed their youth at some very poor times though out the game
- The officials.
   Alright look, I try not to be a "the ref's screwed us and the League hates us" kinda guy but... The ref's screwed the Eagles on a few of them. I don't think they "had it out" for  the Eagles but there were some awful calls. The only one I want to go into is the penalty on Samuel and the no call on the Ellis Hobs hit.
(Note: x-rays are negative and he was able to walk out the X-ray room) The NFL needs to re-look the way they call these helmet to helmet hits. How in name of all things good can the ellis hobbs hit not be a penalty (and fine) but Asante Samuel gets flagged 15 yards for a clean shoulder tackle.

Play that sums up the game? 4th and 1. Vick takes a bad start in a bobbled snap, holds on, and gets it to McCoy for the long Touchdown.  It sums up the game because it wasn't pretty but it got the job done.

Tip Drill (quick notes):
Vince Young is a baby. If your reading this your are most likely to have herd about what happened this Sunday. This guy is a USDA certified crybaby. His attitude the past few years has been like that of a trust fund baby on a bad MTV TV show (so any MTV show basically).  It's sad to see a guy go from this to what we have now. I wanted to be a VY fan, he's making it awful hard for anyone to be not named Young.

What the hell happened to Peyton Manning? I just caught the very end of the Colts late game drive. Watching Manning throw a pick late in the 4th while his team is in easy field goal range was just looked off to me. I hope he can get it back on track because he's one of the best the League has not just as a Quarterback but also as a spokesperson.

Sucks to be Brett Farve right about now too.

With that, good night interwebs.