Monday, February 14, 2011

Hype, CBA's, Teases, and a New Addition

Spring is upon us!

Somewhere in the mist of all of the sappy "lovey-dovey" commercials, some of us (ya know, the the ones who don't have girlfriends, and therefor, have the time to write a blog no one reads) are looking forward to spring.  Pitcher's and Catchers (or if you're a Phil's fan, Aces, Chooches, and Blantons) reported yesterday.  This means that baseball fans all over the country will begin taking over/under bets on how many games until the Pirates are mathematically eliminated (Still waiting on the official Vegas line on that one, any bets?), Jib Jab about Albert Pujols.  Baseball season is a glorious grind, and Intentional Roughness will be there to make fun of it.
As we go along you all will realize I have a bias towards covering the Philadelphia teams (especially the Phills).  This should be good because it's not like the media recognizes them enough.  What's another blog in the already bustling media parade?  What should be striking baseball fans is how these guys react to the hype. None of them are "media-struck" and appear to be focused on wins and losses.  That's refreshing after the insane media hype machine we have to suffer from.  These guys are here to win which is awesome for a fan to see
Speaking of things that are wayyyyy too over-covered.  Let's talk NFL CBA.  Because, again, no one else is.  This will be a mostly CBA free blog. I'm not going to get wrapped up in the cuckoo coverage (new slogan?) that we all see/hear on ESPN.  I don't know how much more of this I can stand.  Football fans have about half a law degree just trying to decipher the rapid fire tweets for Adam Schefter.  We here (yeah, it's we now. More on that later on). If something of substance happens (March 3rd or whenever there is a deal done) we will talk about it.  Just know that I support the players and am against an 18 game schedule.  March 3rd, we'll get into this thing, like Ray J does fake celebrities(Boom! First Tease).

I'll also admit I'm not a huge NBA guy, and I'd hate to leave this blog hanging as far as NBA coverage goes. That's why I'm bringing on Tim McNamara to do a weekly NBA wrap-up story (or something like that).  Follow him on twitter, read his stuff, and laugh at his jokes (I'll hear you though the interwebs, I promise)

Good to come back for another post. Look for more in the coming future.