Saturday, February 19, 2011

Why Albert Pujols's must choose or it'll be a long summer in St. Louis

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  Now that winter appears to have left us, the Super Bowl is over, and the NBA finds it's self in mid-season... There's actually not a whole lot to write about. Unless you'd like to discuss the NFL CBA for roughly the millionth time (hint: Adam Schefter is less than optimistic, in case you haven't herd).  Maybe some Puljols talk will get things going. No one is talking about that either, right?
Well, since this blog is probably going to end up beating the dead horse anyway.  Might as well start now, huh?
  Since the deadline has passed Albert no longer wants to talk contract a extension that would keep him with the team he has remained with since he was drafted in 1999.  The separation point between the two sides is approximated to be roughly $75 Million. Yeah, million.  Thanks to A-Rod's ludicrous contact we now need to deal with $100 Million contracts.  I know it's hard to hate Alex Rodreguiz more, but he just makes it so damn easy.
  The big reason why Albert doesn't want to continue talks during the season is because he is fearful it will affect his performance.  On the surface, this seems like a good idea.  Especially considering the nature of Baseball as a sport.  It's more of a metal game than a physical one. So for Albert to want to eliminate distractions is a good move. However, what seems to be lacking from Albert (and his agents, Dan Lozano's) thought process is that the baseball season is a grind, not just on the players, but on the media. There's not a whole lot to talk about, especially if this season goes south for St. Louis, who is a long shot for a World Series title, he could end up causing more of a distraction than he anticipates.  Eventually the local media is going to ask about the contract and that's a great way to throw your slugging % into the tubes, in a contract year.
That is why I am willing to bet something (any ideas?) that a decision will be reached (either way, leave or re-sign) some time before the All Star Brake.  Book it everyone...

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