Thursday, December 23, 2010

Poinsettia Bowl/Navy Class of 2010 wrap up

We here (and by we I mean I) are huge Navy fans.  I'm from Annapolis originally and I've gone to all the home games this year and in years past.  I know and love this 2010 team.

Tonight is the final time this team is together. And it's the final game for a senior class that has a special place in any Navy fan's heart. QB Ricky Dobbs, SS Whatt Middleton, FB Vince Murray, and Jabaree Tuani. Just to name a few of the key players.

The reason why this class is so well regarded is because they won.  They have won like no other class has in recent Navy Football history and they have done it with class.

But enough with the brown-nosing on my end. This has been a very frustrating game to watch as a Navy fan.  That is mostly because it's been the same tune, different song so far.  Navy has always has a tough time stopping teams, especially though the air.  I don't know if  it's an athletic problem or a scheme problem but that has been the biggest problem for the Midshipmen.  The other problem lies with the size of their lineman on defense (and to a lesser extent, offense). The Naval Academy has a weight limit which hinders their ability to recruit those Beef O' Brady Boys to play Noseguard. The 4 yr. service commitment also doesn't help much.  It has shown out in Whale Vagina (Internet points to you guys who get the reference) tonight.  When Ryan Lindley wasn't throwing bombs to a wide open Vincent Brown it was an over powering line blocking for Ronnie Hillman.

Despite all of this, Ricky Dobbs had an awesome final game throwing the ball. One of the best I've seen him have in a while.  Greg Jones 
came up clutch when he had to which is what he's done all year. It just wasn't enough.

TBH- This is hard for me to write.  I wish I could see these guys on the field next year. But I can't. But that is part of the beauty of being 
a Navy fan. These men are not just graduating. They are going on to serve our country. So this is my thank you to the class of 2010 for 
the amazing years of memories and services.

Friday, December 3, 2010

TBH- Cleveland did a good Job, I wouldn't want to be AI

Nawh, seriously.
Now that Return of the Hated King is over and done with I think something needs to be said to Cleveland.  Thank you. Thanks for not allowing some idiot to run out onto the court and do something embarrassing like, oh, I don't know, run on the court at the very end of the game. I hear a lot of people telling Cleveland to "get over it" and "let it go".  Who's to say they haven't? Yeah, they booed him and made signs making fun of him. Honestly, any hard-core sports city would.  He made of mockery of them on national TV. Of course Cleveland is "less than fond of Lebron", who wouldn't be.  I think Cleveland did a pretty good job handling the whole thing

Allen Iverson has his own E-bay shop.  This is bad ladies and gents, real bad. First he blows his last chance at playing NBA ball with the Sixers, then he goes bonk, bonk, bonk in Turkey (can anyone tell me why he didn't go to China? He'd be the tallest guy there) and now you can buy things like his coveted Denver Nuggets armbands. Sorry, no photos of him and Larry Brown are up yet but I'm sure he has plenty of them he'd be willing to part with. (and vice virsa)  In all seriousness, this might be one of the saddest things I've seen as a still young sports fan. It just sucks to watch Allen Iverson, someone who was so talented and yet so unorthodox in his play, go down in flames.  I hope his story has a happier ending then what it appears to headed to.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

NFL Notes: Eagles Giants game wrap up

Eagles v Giants:
This has been a crazy game. I can't do game re-cap right now (you can go to ESPN for all that) but I will give comments on what I see.  And what I saw was an amazing game.  Here's a few of my notes:
-The Eagles had some bright moments (Mike Vick's TD run early, Shady McCoy's awesome night) and some not so bright ones. (Jason Avant, I'm kinda lookin' at you. Don't you go anywhere either Samuel, your performance was lest than perfect too.) Very up and down game
- The Giants shot themselves in the foot.  Fumbles, penalties, lack of field awareness. They showed their youth at some very poor times though out the game
- The officials.
   Alright look, I try not to be a "the ref's screwed us and the League hates us" kinda guy but... The ref's screwed the Eagles on a few of them. I don't think they "had it out" for  the Eagles but there were some awful calls. The only one I want to go into is the penalty on Samuel and the no call on the Ellis Hobs hit.
(Note: x-rays are negative and he was able to walk out the X-ray room) The NFL needs to re-look the way they call these helmet to helmet hits. How in name of all things good can the ellis hobbs hit not be a penalty (and fine) but Asante Samuel gets flagged 15 yards for a clean shoulder tackle.

Play that sums up the game? 4th and 1. Vick takes a bad start in a bobbled snap, holds on, and gets it to McCoy for the long Touchdown.  It sums up the game because it wasn't pretty but it got the job done.

Tip Drill (quick notes):
Vince Young is a baby. If your reading this your are most likely to have herd about what happened this Sunday. This guy is a USDA certified crybaby. His attitude the past few years has been like that of a trust fund baby on a bad MTV TV show (so any MTV show basically).  It's sad to see a guy go from this to what we have now. I wanted to be a VY fan, he's making it awful hard for anyone to be not named Young.

What the hell happened to Peyton Manning? I just caught the very end of the Colts late game drive. Watching Manning throw a pick late in the 4th while his team is in easy field goal range was just looked off to me. I hope he can get it back on track because he's one of the best the League has not just as a Quarterback but also as a spokesperson.

Sucks to be Brett Farve right about now too.

With that, good night interwebs.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Welcome to X-Factor Blogs

Welcome to X-Factor Blogs! I'm not exactly sure what do this first time around so I'll give you all an idea of what I'm doing here.
I am an avid sports fan who enjoys writing and cracking jokes. I plan on doing both on this page.  I'll list my favorite teams in order and let you all comment on your own favorites and talk some smack about them and on and on
- Denver Broncos (I've been a fan since Kindergarten despite only living in Colorado for two years)
- Philadelphia Eagles (I have family in the area)
- Jacksonville Jaguars (I just like MJD)
NCAAF (the F stands for football if you've never seen the ESPN Bottom line)
-Navy Midshipmen (I live in Annapolis)
-Notre Dame Fighting Irish (I realize this conflicts with being a Navy fan but, my family are all big Irish fans and I've been the campus a few times and liked it)
-Penn State (I have family that goes there, another amazing campus)
-Philadelphia Phillies (Again, because of having family from the Philadelphia area and visiting them often I have become a Phillies fan, I think this might be my favorite group of players in terms of personalities. I feel like almost know these guys personally just though the things I see on t.v.)
- Chicago Cubs (We all gotta have a favorite minor league team, right?)
- Undetermined. I just sort of enjoy the sport in passing.

I think that about covers it. Look for more posts in the future