Friday, December 3, 2010

TBH- Cleveland did a good Job, I wouldn't want to be AI

Nawh, seriously.
Now that Return of the Hated King is over and done with I think something needs to be said to Cleveland.  Thank you. Thanks for not allowing some idiot to run out onto the court and do something embarrassing like, oh, I don't know, run on the court at the very end of the game. I hear a lot of people telling Cleveland to "get over it" and "let it go".  Who's to say they haven't? Yeah, they booed him and made signs making fun of him. Honestly, any hard-core sports city would.  He made of mockery of them on national TV. Of course Cleveland is "less than fond of Lebron", who wouldn't be.  I think Cleveland did a pretty good job handling the whole thing

Allen Iverson has his own E-bay shop.  This is bad ladies and gents, real bad. First he blows his last chance at playing NBA ball with the Sixers, then he goes bonk, bonk, bonk in Turkey (can anyone tell me why he didn't go to China? He'd be the tallest guy there) and now you can buy things like his coveted Denver Nuggets armbands. Sorry, no photos of him and Larry Brown are up yet but I'm sure he has plenty of them he'd be willing to part with. (and vice virsa)  In all seriousness, this might be one of the saddest things I've seen as a still young sports fan. It just sucks to watch Allen Iverson, someone who was so talented and yet so unorthodox in his play, go down in flames.  I hope his story has a happier ending then what it appears to headed to.