Friday, July 30, 2010

Welcome to X-Factor Blogs

Welcome to X-Factor Blogs! I'm not exactly sure what do this first time around so I'll give you all an idea of what I'm doing here.
I am an avid sports fan who enjoys writing and cracking jokes. I plan on doing both on this page.  I'll list my favorite teams in order and let you all comment on your own favorites and talk some smack about them and on and on
- Denver Broncos (I've been a fan since Kindergarten despite only living in Colorado for two years)
- Philadelphia Eagles (I have family in the area)
- Jacksonville Jaguars (I just like MJD)
NCAAF (the F stands for football if you've never seen the ESPN Bottom line)
-Navy Midshipmen (I live in Annapolis)
-Notre Dame Fighting Irish (I realize this conflicts with being a Navy fan but, my family are all big Irish fans and I've been the campus a few times and liked it)
-Penn State (I have family that goes there, another amazing campus)
-Philadelphia Phillies (Again, because of having family from the Philadelphia area and visiting them often I have become a Phillies fan, I think this might be my favorite group of players in terms of personalities. I feel like almost know these guys personally just though the things I see on t.v.)
- Chicago Cubs (We all gotta have a favorite minor league team, right?)
- Undetermined. I just sort of enjoy the sport in passing.

I think that about covers it. Look for more posts in the future